In Australia, patients who have cosmetic concerns review possible treatment options to improve their appearance. These options can eliminate imperfections and in some cases lower health risks. These options are available to treat and eliminate varicose veins. The following is a review of the choices patients have for treating these veins.

What Do Varicose Veins Present?

Varicose veins can become large and bulge through the skin. They can lead to major aesthetic hindrances for men and women who sit or stand frequently on the job. They can also lead to health concerns that could require major surgery for the patient. Leg ulcers and blood clots are more likely with larger veins. These conditions could lead to life-threatening circumstances if they aren’t managed properly and quickly.


Laser Assisted Treatments

Laser assisted vein treatments are performed by using an ultrasound to guide the laser. The treatment requires the clinician to push the laser through the vein and apply energy pulses. The energy pulses force the blood out of the vein and into connecting veins. The vein collapses once the blood is removed and seals off. Some clinicians may use lasers in addition to chemical injections to close off these varicose veins.

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Catheter-Assisted Varicose Vein Treatments

A catheter-assisted varicose vein treatment requires the clinician to inject a numbing agent into the leg. They make a small incision into the top of the leg. The run the catheter into the vein to apply heat inside it. This removes the blood from the vein and reroutes it effectively. As the heat is applied throughout the vein, it collapses and generates a seal to prevent more blood from entering the vein. These treatments are effective; however, they present a small risk of burns.


Surgical Vein Removal

Vein stripping is an invasive treatment to remove these veins. It requires the clinician to cut into the leg and create two incisions. They use the top incision to insert the medical device to connect to the vein. This device is pulled through the second incision to remove the vein from the leg entirely. The patient may be required to remain in the hospital overnight after the procedure to mitigate risks.


In Australia, patients who wish to undergo procedures to eliminate these veins have a multitude of options. They can choose from invasive and non-invasive options. They can review these choices with their clinician. Patients who are ready to schedule a treatment for varicose veins or to learn more about Vein Health contact a clinician right now.

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